Praxis IT conultants - Dublin
Praxis IT conultants - Dublin
Praxis IT conultants - Dublin

Company Profile

Praxis IT Consultants are a computer services company who bring to each of its clients the strength and support of an established reputable IT Partner while retaining the flexibility, responsiveness and loyalty of a close working team.

Our company philosophy rests upon the premise that as your Technology Partner, it is our business to understand your business, effectively, “first business then technology”.

That is why we will exceed your expectations by delivering impartial advice and an integrated quality service, all within your budget and to suit your individual business structure.
This business ethic has served us well as over 95% of new clients are referred to us by existing clients.

As a Microsoft Certified Partner, Sonicwall Medallion Partner, CA Security Partner and Axios Gold IT Security Infrastructure Partner we have access to a comprehensive framework of support services allowing us to continually serve your company with the most up to date and efficient technology and support mechanisms.

With a combined experience of almost thirty years, Praxis IT Consultants can boast and unsurpassed portfolio of products, services and personnel which has earned it a reputation for results based on creativity, expertise and good working relations with a client base drawn from many different fields. This can be attributed to the full service approach adopted by the company and ability of the team to co-ordinate all aspects of a project from bare site to completed solution.

The solutions provided to our client's are consistent, innovative and individually designed to meet their specific requirements.

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Company Philosophy

Our ethos has been developed and refined by our experience of supporting many varied ranges and types of products and working to the brief of clients who vary in approach and expectations, from individual entrepreneurs to large corporate clients with more complex IT business requirements.

We believe that an IT Solution can only work when it complements and reinforces the overall brand marketing strategy. With an understanding and awareness of the business requirements and budget of the client, Praxis IT Consultants will develop and implement a cohesive, strategic solution specific to your business.

While our experience in the industry has given us a realistic outlook on what can be achieved and the time investment involved, it has never dimmed the enthusiasm and passion we feel for the successful implementation of a suitable solution and a real and tangible Return On Investment for the client.

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Team Goals

Our team golas are as follow

  • Deliver services which meet our client’s needs by a clear understanding of their requirements and expectations.
  • Use customer knowledge to gain an in-depth understanding of industry sector trends and develop the most appropriate solutions to meet customer needs.
  • Develop strong, enduring relationships with our clients, partners and suppliers, working closely with them to improve services, build trust and add value both up and down the supply chain.
  • Explore new opportunities, new services and new markets in order to consistently add value to our activities.
  • Focus on customer satisfaction through regular surveys.
  • Provide appropriate training to ensure continual career development to all employees, particularly those areas that affect service quality.
  • Ensure that all employees are aware of the Company's commitment to quality, and their responsibility to quality.
  • Openly assess and review all aspects of our business on an on-going basis so as to strive for continuous improvement to aid us in the achievement of our business objectives and our pursuit of consistently high quality levels.

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Seven Key Qualities

Bullet Technical expertise — and strong communication skills.

Not only are the Praxis Team well-versed in the ins and outs of technology but we pride ourselves in going that extra mile to ensure we obtain first-hand knowledge of how all aspects of your business operate in order to ensure that we recommend the most suitable IT solution for your business.
We would describe ourselves, first and foremost, as business people who utilise technology in a cost-effective manner to solve business problems.
Our primary goal is to bridge the technology and communications gap that often exists between IT and Management / Finance.


Bullet An awareness of your budget — and resources.

IT partners are proving increasingly essential to a broad range of small to medium-sized businesses.
We, at Praxis, believe that that sort of critical function shouldn't necessarily come at a crippling expense.
From the very outset, we will give you a clear understanding of how our fees are structured.
Everybody knows that a responsive IT partner couldn’t provide their services for free, but we at Praxis can claim to be truly unique in our awareness and constant vigilance those sorts of services that can bleed business coffers dry. For instance, we can provide you with access to high-level skills when needed at one scale, while affording you reduced rate for services such as a help-desk and repair services.
Those are often the costs that can consume the majority of an IT budget outside of project work.


Bullet An advocate who cuts through product hype.

No IT partner stays afloat long if a business doesn't go along with his or her recommendations, be it a new software package or a plan to implement it.
We at Praxis, as truly effective partners, go to bat for our client companies, identifying genuinely effective technical options.
We aim to bridge the gap between a vendor's product hype and what is truly an effective business solution.
We also help determine if a company is using its current technology to its fullest capacity and show how to maximize the products it already owns.


Bullet A long-term planner, implementer, and strategist.

Even the most carefully thought out technology plan is of little use if it grows old on the drawing board.
At Praxis, we believe in fostering an involved IT partnership which means having a handle on implementation, whether it's suggesting a gradual introduction over time or a veritable technology lost weekend where everything is shut down and changed over.
We prioritize our client companies’ needs, pride ourselves on knowing the best way to put technology recommendations into place. "An IT partner should also help an organization implement an IT plan," Crowe says. "A partner can help prioritize needs and plan an effective implementation strategy."


Bullet An industry watcher who maps technology advances and developments to your needs.

At Praxis we continually develop an understanding of the business at hand so as to stand ready to pinpoint new technology needs and to suggest updates and changes accordingly to reduce cost and streamline the operation. That means keeping close tabs on your business's growth and development — as well as on how developments in the world of technology might apply to your needs.


Bullet A keen ability to troubleshoot and solve problems.

It's unrealistic to think that any element of technology, no matter how expensive or sophisticated, is totally immune to breakdowns. Rather than wallowing in that tech Never-Never Land, Praxis are always be ready to address technical problems quickly. Even better, we go a step further, via our Managed Services Programme, ensuring that we are proactive about overseeing regular maintenance and other steps that can head off snags.
We pride ourselves on being able to provide fast, cost-effective emergency response when problems can't be avoided. Via our aforementioned Managed Services Programme we provide scheduled upkeep of networked systems, security policies, backup and virus protection systems so that problems can be prevented as well.


Bullet An interest in handling all of your technology needs.

Nothing can prove more annoying — not to mention wasteful — than you having to hop from consultant to consultant or business to business to address individual elements of your technology needs.
Praxis aims to provide the widest possible of portfolio of products and services ensuring that all your technology needs will be met under one roof, no matter if it's as involved as a completely new technology infrastructure or as elementary as a basic user's question.
From state of the art phone systems to printer and copier sales and maintenance services we strive to act as a single point of accountability and contact for all your technology issues.

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Partnership Enabled

  • Microsoft as a member of their Microsoft Certified Partner Program
  • Sonicwall as a member of their Gold Medallion Program
  • EsatBT as part of their Channel Partner Program
  • Mitel as part of their Certified System Designer and Installer Program
  • Eircom Gold Authorised Reseller
  • Dell Value Added Reseller
  • and many more……..

Results yield recommendations – our aim is your recommendation…..

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