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Digital Dictation Systems

As Olympus Authorised Business Digital Dictation Specialists, Praxis are able to provide expert advice, consultation, sales, installation and support on the Olympus PRO LINE range of digital voice recorders which are designed to meet all your professional dictation requirements and let you streamline your workflow.

Praxis Dictation systemsA few years ago, voice recognition ( not dictation !!! ) was all the rage. Large crowds gathered around demonstrations of sales people reading text into a microphone and having the almost perfect transcription appearing on the screen. It was an all or nothing approach – people overlooked the windfall of benefits to be derived from Digital Dictation in favour of the more elusive successive to be achieved with Digital Voice Recognition. This has changed …. Suddenly, voice recognition has been sidelined by the new buzz topic - digital dictation.

Not all Dictation Systems are the same and we, at Praxis, can attest to that. Only after trying all other available Dictation Systems from various manufacturers did we settle on the Olympus Product Range.

5 good things about digital dictation:

  1. Dictate like you're used to - into a small hand held device.
  2. Easier to edit your work – you can even insert into existing dictation!
  3. More flexible distribution of work – eMail your dictation to a remote typist!
  4. Easier to prioritise jobs
  5. No more lost tapes – send all your dictation over network / eMail!

Digital dictation - what is it?

The great advantage of digital dictation is that physical process of dictating - dictating into a small hand held device - has been retained. The person dictating the work can still sit back in his or her chair, wander around the room, gaze out of the window, leaf through papers and easily stop the system when the phone rings or a cup of coffee arrives.
Dictaction systems by Praxis IT ConsultantsThere are no tapes – all the person doing the dictating has to do is cradle the device ( similar to a PDA ) and use the software to send the dictation to where he/she chooses. You can set the software to auto-send once the device is cradled – for those less technical clientele.
Because the resulting file is in digital format the person doing the dictating has much, much greater flexibility in correcting / editing the recordings. For example, the person doing the digital dictation can new dictation into the middle of existing dictation with all subsequent dictation being moved on further to accommodate the new material. Within the software it is also possible to assign different priorities for the work and work can be stored in different folders for, for example, where a secretary is typing for several people. Once the dictation has been transcribed it is possible to keep the actual dictation on the system to review in case of a query afterwards.

Digital Dictation really makes the home office solution complete. Because the files generated from the digital dictation are so compact in size the file can be as easily transferred by e-mail as it would over a local network connection. This means that the dictating / transcribing process is completely location independent. The file can be transferred to the room next door, to home several miles away or to a typing agency in Co. Kerry from Dublin!

Olympus Proline dealerPatricia Bennett from Praxis observes that this is the biggest, immediate apparent benefit of digital dictation systems. "We have been implementing home office solutions for years but the physical tape always necessitated a daily trip to the office or the services of a courier. Now, with Digital Dictation, everything is truly transferable, in real-time, over the web."

The transcription process is identical, basically, to the traditional systems of transcribing with earphones and foot pedal. The learning curve at both ends – the dictating end and the transcribing end is literally non-existent. The equipment and software used is very, very simple and intuitive to use.
Digital Dictation is going to have a major impact on the whole secretarial scene with secretary’s and employers opting for more flexible working arrangements with more efficient use being made of expensive resources such as office floor space with the secretarial function carried out elsewhere.

only one con…..
How do you keep the physical file with the dictation?

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