Praxis IT conultants - Dublin
Praxis IT conultants - Dublin
Praxis IT conultants - Dublin

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Consider the following…

  • Who’s doing test restores on your backups to ensure that the backups are actually effective and restorable in a disaster situation.
  • Who’s monitoring your network to ensure that all disaster protective mechanisms are functional?
  • Who’s checking your anti-virus software to ensure that the signatures are being updated ensuring effective virus protection?
  • Who’s watching disk space on your servers and ensuring that no downtime occurs as a result of upgrades.
  • In these days of the Internet being prevalent who’s watching router and server logs to ensure no outside interference in your network?
  • Is there a danger of somebody mis-representing us by masquerading as originating from our e-mail address?
  • Can we receive proof of delivery as we would have with registered post?
  • Are our employees wasting company time by browsing non-business content on the internet?
  • Is there a possibility of us being exposed to prosecution etc. due to content that employees are surfing?
  • Is there a danger that hackers could break into our system?
  • Are we safe from the threat of e-mail and web page viruses?
  • Can we minimise the impact of catastrophic outage of our IT System on the running of our practice?
  • Can we put a disaster recovery plan in place for business critical machines and components?
  • How can we ensure that we have the required number of licenses for software that we are using i.e. to ensure software compliance ?

Praxis can and will assist you in any of the above

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