Praxis IT conultants - Dublin
Praxis IT conultants - Dublin
Praxis IT conultants - Dublin

IT Enterprise Security

With the arrival of broadband came the dispensing with pay-per-minute traditional slow dial-up connections.
Not only did this technology herald faster internet access but made remote access solutions operate at acceptable speeds and within reasonable budgets. Many subscribers, however, overlooked, and continue to overlook, the inherent security risks packaged with these solutions.

IT securityThese risks are:

  • Always On = Always Vulnerable
  • Higher Speed = More Attractive ( to Hackers )
  • Flat Fee = Temptation ( allow all WWW )
  • Static IP = easier to find ( on the WWW )

At all times, priority must be given to implementing and maintaining a robust and secure protection system for your internet connections.

Registered Data Controllers are required under Data Protection Legislation to ensure against leaking of subscribers’ personal data. As an example, all solicitors are data controllers, as defined by the Data Protection Act and The Law Society Of Ireland states this responsibility quite aptly as: “A solicitor has a professional duty to keep all matters coming within the solicitor / client relationship confidential, including the very existence of that relationship. These matters can only be disclosed with the consent of the client or by direction of a court.

Companies involved in research and development cannot allow their, often highly confidential, material to get into competitors’ hands – the list goes on and on.

Praxis design, implement and support security best of breed solutions including VPN, Firewall, Anti-Virus, Internet Access Management and Security reporting solutions as well as Security Audits.

With more and more organisations moving towards making their workforces more mobile the risks are dramatically increased with laptops and PDAs being plugged back into corporate networks after being used in homes, at wireless hotspots, abroad etc.
We, at Praxis, can offer best-of-breed low-maintenance solutions to secure all such roaming equipment even when it’s out of reach of the organisation’s IT department.

  • External Penetration Testing
  • Intrusion Detection Systems Intrusion Prevention Systems
  • Network & Host -Based Active & Passive Detection Systems
  • Acceptable-Usage and Incident-Response Security Policies
  • VLANs ( Virtual LANs ) and DMZs ( DeMilitarized Zones )
  • Wireless Security Testing
  • RAS and VPN testing
  • Web Application Security Testing
  • Firewall Health Check
  • Network Monitoring & Diagnostics
  • IP Telephony Consultancy
  • Installation, Product Training & Customer Support


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