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Praxis IT conultants - Dublin
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Servers & Storage

When it comes to the actual machines that actually use the network infrastructure i.e. servers and workstations, Praxis can truly claim to have unrivalled certification and expertise.

Servers by Praxis IT ConsultantsWe cover all server implementations from entry-level single processor, stand-alone systems to high-end multi-processor, high-availability, clustered, fault-tolerant systems. We design, install, maintain and support all implimentations:

  • Printer and Internet Connection Sharing Servers
  • File and Print Servers
  • Application Servers ( Dedicated, Distributed and Peer-to-Peer )
  • Database Servers
  • Fax Servers
  • Web Servers
  • RAS Servers

We supply, install, support and maintain a wide range of blade, tower or rack-mount from all manufacturers e.g. HP/Compaq, Dell, IBM, Fujitsu-Siemens etc.

ServerAt Praxis we can claim to be unique in that our pro-active server management monitoring and reporting has allowed for some of our tools and recommendations to be adopted by international forums and manufacturers.
For example, we were the first company to implement post-installation Performance Baseline Measuring on ALL our projects as the start-point of all our Server Management Plans. This has accounted for drastically reduced lowered Total Cost of Ownership ( TCO ) on all of our sites.

On the storage side of things, we supply, install, support and maintain a wide range of storage options. Ranging from in-server RAIDV Arrays to Network-Attached Storage (NAS) equipment and onto complete Storage Area Network ( SAN ) implementations from a wide range of manufacturers tailored to suit all budgets and requirements.

Praxis Consulting is also happy to recommend Data Trust for all your online back up requirements being on servers, networks or computers.

For more information on our servers and storage services please contact us

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